What is Xata?

Xata documentation

Xata is a serverless data platform. Built on top of PostgreSQL, Xata provides a full-text and vector search engine, record-level file attachments, table-level aggregations and exposes a single consistent REST API with SDKs. Xata provides support for schema branches and an optional ask endpoint to engage with with OpenAI's ChatGPT API.

Get started with a guide

Build a searchable blog with routing in your favorite framework.







Install the CLI

If you are new to Xata, we recommend you start by creating an account, installing the CLI and then learning about a SDK client or the REST API.

# Install the CLI globally
npm install -g @xata.io/cli

# Authenticate the CLI to your account
xata auth login

# Initialize xata in your project directory
xata init

# Pull down schema changes and generate typings
xata pull

Import data

The easiest way to bring over your data is to use the Airbyte connector. You can also import CSV files directly through our UI.

Integrate with popular toolchains

Add column to table

Learn from a sample app

Built with Next.js, Chakra UI, and Xata, the sample app will help you learn how to query, paginate and search records with a heavy focus on file attachments.

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