What is Xata?
Usage metrics
beta feature

Almost complete feature but still under development. There may be changes as we address issues and feedback. Use with caution.

Usage metrics

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Xata tracks usage of a variety of metrics at the workspace level. Pro plan workspaces include an upgraded experience that allows for more granular monitoring of your usage over time.

The following metrics are tracked:

  • Data storage: The storage on disk all databases in your workspace consume.
  • Search storage: The storage on disk dedicated to the search and analytics engine. If you don't plan on using it, you may disable the search engine within the database settings page.
  • File storage: The storage on disk your file attachments consume.
  • AI questions: The number of questions asked to the ask endpoint. AI questions are an opt-in integration with OpenAI and ChatGPT.
  • Total branches: The total number of of database branches in your workspace.

For now, Xata captures metrics usage at the workspace level only.


Pro plan metrics

Pro plan workspaces include a Usage page showing detailed metrics over a variety of time periods.

Pro workspace Usage page
Pro workspace Usage page

A higher-level metrics summary is available on the workspace landing page.

Pro workspace overview
Pro workspace overview

Free plan workspaces highlight the percentage of available usage limits consumed over the current calendar month.

Free workspace usage overview
Free workspace usage overview

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