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Branch inactivity

Branch inactivity

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If no traffic is detected for a branch for a full 30-day period, either through the REST API or direct Postgres access, Xata will flag the branch as inactive and disable features. Once set to inactive, the search engine will be disabled. This includes full-text search, aggregations, vector search, and Ask AI. This only effects search. All other portions of the REST API, file attachments and direct Postgres access will remain available. To re-enable the search engine, navigate to the database settings section in the corresponding workspace and turn the search engine on for the desired branch.

Features will only be disabled on inactive branches in workspaces on our Free plan. Branches set to inactive will still count towards the limits imposed by the Free plan.

Xata sends a notification by email a few days before setting a branch to inactive. If the branch continues to not be used, Xata will mark it as inactive and you'll receive another email notification.