What is Xata?


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It's important to select the most suitable method based on the nature of your query. General queries are often quickly resolved through documentation or chat, and more advanced technical issues might be best addressed though our Support portal. You can read our Support Policy for further details.



You can refer to our documentation for detailed information about Xata's features, concepts, and usage.

You can join the Xata community discussion in Discord to connect with other users, ask questions, and share your experiences.

You can submit a support ticket through the Xata Support portal if you encounter any issues or have specific questions that are not covered in the documentation or Discord. To sign into our Support portal, you can either use your Google account credentials, or sign in directly with your email and password.

Xata responds via email to requests submitted via the contact form or to support@xata.io. Email us for pricing issues or detailed inquiries.

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