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Xata's pricing model is designed to cater to different user needs, from individual projects to high-scale enterprise applications. Ensure you check out our pricing page for an overview of the pricing structure. This page provides additional information on pricing, billing, and usage limits.


Billing terms

The concurrency limit refers to the number of queries that can run simultaneously. It's the cap on how many requests Xata processes at once. Unlike a "connections limit", this doesn't count the total connections, but only the active queries. Xata doesn't limit the number of connections.

Xata sets specific limits to balance workloads across different store types. The concurrency limit depends on the plan and is allocated to each branch:

  • Free plan: 15 parallel requests (6 primary + 9 from replicas) to the database
  • Pro plan: 45 parallel requests (18 primary + 27 from replicas) to the database

Concurrency limits apply to each branch in the workspace.

If the number of simultaneous requests surpasses the concurrency limit, any additional requests will be temporarily queued for 100ms. If the volume of parallel requests doesn't decrease within that time, the queued requests will fail, returning an HTTP 429 status.

The storage size represents the amount of data stored in the transactional database. Database storage in Xata encompasses not only disk space but also I/O rates and compute resources. The listed price per GB combines the costs of the three components allocated to each workspace.

This size limit is considered a soft-limit and is not strictly enforced in real-time. However, if you exceed this limit, it indicates that your data storage requirements may be approaching a critical level. If you exceed this limit on the Free plan, you'll be asked to upgrade. It's recommended you explore solutions with Xata Support to optimize and scale your data storage.

Xata offers recovery options for scenarios like accidental data loss, database crashes, or hardware failure. This allows you to restore your projects to previous states and mitigate disasters with support from our team.

Daily backups ensure your data is regularly and automatically backed up every day. Xata manages daily backups on all plans. This is most suitable for projects that can handle a maximum data loss of up to 24 hours in case of a disaster. If you need to restore data from a daily backup, contact Support for assistance. Free plan users have the option to request a data restoration once per month.

Point-in-time recovery (PITR) enables the restoration of data to a specific timestamp that you designate. PITR operates by consistently backing up transaction logs, so you can revert data to any designated point. You can use PITR for the following:

  • Accidental data deletions: Recover data to its state immediately prior to unintentional deletions.
  • Database corruption: Restore the database to a pre-corruption state.
  • Malformed updates: Rollback changes from updates that led to unexpected or undesired results.
  • Security breaches: In the event of data compromise or unauthorized alterations, revert the database to a secure, pre-breach state.

Pro plan users can restore their databases to an earlier state, with the help of Support, using the PITR feature. To do this, contact Support and specify the point in time you want to revert to. Pro plan users have an unlimited number of PITR requests available.

Each shared Xata instance has a set request rate limit to maintain consistent performance for all users. If requests surpass this threshold, they will return a 429 HTTP status. The following limits apply:

  • Free tier: Limited to 75 requests/second (qps).
  • Pro tier: Starts with a 150 requests/second (qps), which can be adjusted upon request.

The Pro plan has a flexible limit, while the Free plan has a strict, fixed limit.

These limits are designated for each branch in the workspace.

All Xata plans, irrespective of their pricing, include the following features:

  • PostgreSQL database: Xata uses Postgres, which serves as the backbone for storing structured, relational data securely. Each plan starts with 10 branches and 15 GB of storage space, but you can get more space if you need it.

  • Unlimited records: For all our plans, there are no restrictions on the number of records. You can store as many records as your allocated GB permits.

  • High availability (HA): Consistent service access with minimal interruptions or downtime.

  • Elasticsearch integration: Integrates efficient and responsive full-text search capabilities within your projects. Our search engine uses Elasticsearch, which makes searches easy because it replicates all the data from our database. You get 15 GB of space initially, but can add more depending on what you need.

  • File attachments: Xata uses S3 and Cloudflare's CDN for storing and delivering files. Your files are stored safely and you can access them quickly when you need them. Starting storage is 2 GB, but you can add more or customize it per your needs.

  • Image transformations: You can do 10k image transformations from the start and add more as needed.

  • AI questions: Xata offers an option for integrating with OpenAI and ChatGPT, allowing you to ask up to 250 AI-powered questions per workspace. If you want to ask more questions, you can add more with the Pro or Enterprise plans.

  • Backups: Xata provides assisted backups for all plans. Free plan users can request data restoration from a daily backup through our support team. Pro and Enterprise plans include support-assisted backups with PITR.

  • Support: Depending on your plan, you get different levels of support, starting from community support to dedicated support.

The Free plan is perfect for individuals who are working on personal projects or are in the experimentation phase. This plan offers the basic functionalities needed to get started, at no cost.

The Free plan is ideal for:

  • Individual developers
  • Students
  • Hobbyists
  • Experimenters who want to learn more about Xata

For more information check the pricing page or start for free. Branches on free plan workspaces will be marked as inactive if there is no activity registered within 30 days.

The Pro Plan is optimized for small to medium-sized teams that require more resources. It operates on a usage-based pricing model, allowing you to scale resources as needed.

Each billing period has a minimum charge of $20. If there are any additional charges related to the plan during the month, you will see those charges invoiced at the start of the following billing period.

The Pro plan is ideal for:

  • Small to medium-sized teams
  • Startups
  • Growing projects

The Enterprise plan is designed for large organizations that require specific, large-scale solutions. Xata offers customized solutions, personalized support, and discounts based on volume to maximize functionality and efficiency. Our plans are adaptable, allowing changes or enhancements in line with your project's evolution. Our pricing is straightforward, with no concealed charges; you're billed only for the services you use.

The Enterprise plan is ideal for:

  • Large organizations
  • High-scale enterprises
  • Specialized projects

Visit the pricing page to upgrade from the Free to Pro plan. For the Enterprise plan, contact us

If you're affiliated with a startup or a non-profit organization, contact us. Xata has specific programs and discounts designed especially for startups and non-profits.

Ensure you check out our pricing page. If you have any further questions about pricing, send a message to contactus@xata.io.

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