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Kysely with Xata

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Kysely is a TypeScript SQL query builder. It focuses on ensuring type safety and autocompletion and works with a growing number of database services. Kysely works in any JavaScript runtime, including Node.js, Cloudflare Workers, and Deno.

While the native Xata TypeScript SDK offers similar built-in functionality, using Kysely might be preferable if you are migrating from another database service, or if you are already using Kysely in your project.

This integration consists of a Xata dialect for Kysely.



Install both Kysely and @xata.io/kysely with the Xata client. You can use the following package managers:

npm install kysely @xata.io/kysely @xata.io/client

Kysely is a query builder library for TypeScript that helps in generating SQL queries. For compatibility with Xata, a specialized dialect has been developed for Kysely. The Xata dialect for Kysely enables the use of Xata-specific functionality with Kysely.

The following example, demonstrates how you can employ the Xata dialect for Kysely:

import { Kysely } from 'kysely';
import { XataDialect, Model } from '@xata.io/kysely';
import { DatabaseSchema, getXataClient } from 'xata'; // Generated client

const xata = getXataClient();

const db = new Kysely<Model<DatabaseSchema>>({
  dialect: new XataDialect({ xata })

const drivers = await db
  .select(['forename', 'surname'])
  .where('nationality', '=', 'Spanish')

In the provided code example, the following steps are taken to integrate Xata with Kysely:

  1. Install the Xata client. See our getting started guide for more information.
  2. Import getXataClient from the generated client (usually generated by xata pull in a file of your project).
  3. Instantiate Kysely with the Xata dialect. Note that the Model type adapts the Xata generated DatabaseSchema type to a Model compatible with Kysely.
  4. Use Kysely for type safety and autocompletion.

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