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User model

User model

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A User in Xata can be a personal or system account that is identified by a unique email address.

Users can sign in to Xata in any of the following ways:

  • Sign in with GitHub: The primary email address associated with the Github account is used to log in to Xata
  • Sign in with Google: The Gmail address associated with the Google account will be used to log in to Xata
  • Sign in with email: A link to an authorization URL is dispatched to the requested email address

After the initial sign in of a new User, Xata automatically creates that User's first Workspace.

A User that has the Owner or Maintainer role on a Workspace, can invite multiple other Xata Users as members in that Workspace.

Each User can create, or join by invite, Workspaces within the specified limits.


User Roles

The following Workspace-level Roles are available for Users in Xata:

  • Owner: Grants full permissions on all Workspace options. Only an Owner can assign or remove the Owner Role for other Users.
  • Maintainer: Provides the same permissions as Owner, except is not allowed to grant or remove the Owner Role for other Users. The Maintainer Role is subject to change.

An Owner can assign the Owner role to another member in the Workspace. A Workspace can have multiple Owners at any given moment. Subsequently, a new Owner can then edit the Role of other members, such as remove or modify the previous Owner's role.

You can transfer ownership of Xata Workspaces to a new email address. To modify the account email address associated with a Workspace, following these steps:

  1. Log in to app.xata.io using the new email address and create a Xata account for it.
  2. Invite the new email address as an Owner member to the Workspaces you wish to transfer.
  3. Create new API keys under the new Owner account and replace the ones used under the original account.
  4. Remove the original email address from the Workspaces. Note that clients still using API keys created by the original account will lose access to the databases in those Workspaces.
  5. After ownership has been transferred, you can choose to delete the API keys of the original email account or delete the account entirely by clicking Account Settings > Delete Account.

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