What is Xata?

XMDB powered by Xata

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XMDb is a movie database application built with Xata. By using XMDb, users can easily search for films by entering keywords or search terms, and the application presents a list of movies ranked by relevancy. This search functionality demonstrates how Xata can manage and support extensive databases in real-world scenarios.




React iconsSVG icons as React components.
TailwindCSSUtility-first CSS framework for style.
Vercel/OGOpen Graph (OG) image generation.
Xata clientObject-relational mapping (ORM) with the SDK to handle data manipulation, querying, and other database-related tasks.
ZodTypeScript-first runtime validation library for schema validation.

The XMDb example showcases the scalability of Xata in handling large databases, and highlights the following key Xata features:

  • Aggregations: Summarizes data for easy insights, making it easier draw conclusions from datasets.
  • Edge-ready: Optimized to work efficiently in distributed environments or edge networks.
  • Type-safe SDK/ORM (schema-based types generation): Reduces errors by ensuring data structures match your database schema.
  • Typo-tolerant, fuzzy search: Search that's forgiving of minor typos, ensuring users find what they're looking for even with slight mistakes.

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