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Build a gallery application using Xata's file attachment feature, which integrates file support directly into the database. You'll benefit from a unified experience for handling large binary objects, which uses searchable and queryable file metadata.

Xata gallery app
Xata gallery app



Chakra UIA React component library for creating accessible and attractive UIs.
Next.jsAn open-source JavaScript framework for building web applications, built on top of React.

This small gallery application using Next.js and Chakra UI, highlights the following key Xata features:

  • Pagination: Handle large datasets by displaying them in smaller, more digestible, and manageable portions.
  • Form handling: Manage user input with validation.
  • Search functionality: Locate specific data points in large datasets.
  • Data aggregation: Consolidate data from various sources or groups to get a comprehensive view and make insightful analyses.
  • Summaries: Provide condensed overviews of large information sets.
  • Image handling: Manage and transform image assets for optimal presentation and performance.
  • Advanced queries: Retrieve data using detailed query parameters.
  • TypeScript integration: Integrate with TypeScript for strong typing and improved developer efficiency, ensuring fewer runtime errors.

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