Query ChatGPT against your data

Add additional value to your data with the power of OpenAI embedded in your database. Easily build a Q&A bot to answer questions in your website, application, documentation or knowledge base.

Stop gluing services to your database

Xata natively provides AI queries with vector search

Highly tuneable

All the knobs and dials you need to tune ChatGPT for your data

Speedy search

Xata provides native full-text or vector search that returns results fast

With a generous free tier

750K records and 15GB storage for free - OpenAI API calls included


Load the content

You can import from CSV or use our Javascript, Typescript, or Python SDKs to populate the data. Our spreadsheet-like UI makes it easy to review and edit your database.

Import csv data

Call the API

With a simple API call, ChatGPT will be answering questions using your data as context. You can provide your own rules to improve the results.

// Question a specific table. In this case "Docs"
const result = await xata.db.Docs.ask(
  // Pass in a simple question
  "How do I install Xata?",
   // Rules define how your chatbot responds
   rules: [
     "Do not answer questions about pricing or the free tier. Respond that Xata has several options available, please check https://xata.io/pricing for more information.",
     "When you give an example, this example must exist exactly in the context given.",
   searchType: "keyword",
   // Use search parameters to query and weight results
   search: {
     fuzziness: 2,
     prefix: "phrase",
     target: [
       { column: "title", weight: 4 },
       { column: "keywords", weight: 4 }

Tune the results

Tuning search is essential for getting the best results. The better the search, the better the context ChatGPT has for your questions. You can use our UI to tune the search experience by configuring column weights and value boosters.

Search Xata

Common questions

How does the pricing work?

If you are on the Xata free tier, you get 250 questions/month for free. You get 250 questions/month for each Xata unit you purchase. To see details on the Xata units, please visit our pricing page.

Can I provide my own OpenAI API Key?

Yes, although currently not on our standard plans. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Where can I find a code sample?

Our examples repo contains a sample application that demonstrates using the API on several databases.

Where can I learn more?

This YouTube video walks you through how we have used the Xata Ask API to add a chat-bot to our own documentation.