Announcing our $30M series A round. We are featured on Forbes

Our Mission

Xata is a Serverless Database accessible via a simple HTTP API with a built-in search engine, rich data-types, and ACID transactions. We manage and scale the underlying data infrastructure so that you don’t have to. Read more on the blog →

Our Investors

Xata is backed by investors and angels with a lot of experience in the infrastructure space, including the founders and leaders of several unicorn companies.

Shay Banon

Co-founder & CEO, Elastic

Uri Boness

Co-founder, Elastic

Neha Narkhede

Co-founder, Confluent

Guillermo Rauch

Founder & CEO, Vercel

Stephanie Friedman

Board of Directors, Apollo GraphQL

Elad Gil

Co-founder, Color Genomics

Christian Bach

Co-founder & co-CEO, Netlify

Liu Jiang

Ex Sequoia Partner

Mathias Biilmann

Co-founder & co-CEO, Netlify

Charlie Songhurst

Ex Head of Corporate Strategy, Microsoft

Keenan Rice

GM Firebolt

Andreas Klinger

CTO On Deck, Ex CTO Product Hunt

Trusted By

RedpointIndex VenturesOperator CollectiveFirstminuteFactor VenturesSV Angel


Monica Sarbu

Monica Sarbu

Founder of Xata and non‑profit, Previously Elastic

Erica Brescia

Erica Brescia

MD Redpoint Previously, COO GitHub, Co‑founder and COO Bitnami

Erin Price-Wright

Erin Price‑Wright

Partner Index‑Ventures, Previously Head of Product Palantir

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Join us as we continue to accelerate the power of a traditional database with the usability of a SaaS spreadsheet app

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