Announcing the winners of the Xata content hackathon

Celebrate the standout creators and contributions from Xata's 2023 launch week content hackathon

Written by

J Edwards

Published on

October 13, 2023

To commemorate our most recent launch week, we called upon our vibrant community to showcase their creativity, enthusiasm, and interest for Xata. The challenge? Write a captivating blog post, create an engaging video, or simply spread the word about Xata. And you all delivered in style!

The anticipation has been building, and now, we're thrilled to reveal the winners of our content hackathon.

πŸ₯ Drum roll, please! πŸ₯

Without further ado, the winners of our hackathon (in no particular order) are:

Congratulations to our winners for your exceptional contributions! We'll be in touch to award the $500 cash prizes to each of you.

To every participant, a heartfelt thank you and kudos! Your dedication, creativity, and efforts have truly amazed us. Each contribution has been a testament to the incredible talent and passion within our community.

Curious about some of the projects our community created? Take a look at the content below to see how users incorporated Xata into their winning development projects.


Winning content

From data retrieval and building libraries to crafting developer portfolios and wishlist apps, discover how our community harnessed Xata to simplify their data tasks.

Join @Aboo_Turaab in this tutorial, Building an online library using Xata, and learn how to use Xata's file attachment capabilities.

In the related blog post File attachment in Xata Database: How to build an Online Library, @Aboo_Turaab discusses Xata's file attachment feature and uses it to build an online library without relying on external storage services.

Online library with Xata

In Optimizing data retrieval, @dotAadarsh addresses Xata's innovative approach to optimizing database queries and looks into the pesky N+1 problem in one-to-many relationships.

Optimized data retrieval with Xata

Through Building an efficient waitlist app with Next.js and Xata, @terieyenike introduces a waitlist application suited for impactful pre-launch marketing campaigns.

Waitlist app with Xata

Follow along with @moe_rayo in How to build a file explorer using Xata and Vue.js as he demonstrates the process of creating a user-friendly file explorer.

File explorer with Xata

In Creating an amazing developer portfolio using the NeXuS stack, @ishnbedi uses Xata to craft a standout developer portfolio that resonates with both recruiters and clients alike.

File explorer with Xata

Again, a roaring applause for all participants πŸŽ‰ Expect to receive some gifted exclusive Xata swag soon.

The fun doesn't have to end here, though. Participate in Hacktoberfest 2023 and contribute to Xata's open-source repos like pg-roll, our Python SDK, or docs. Also, don't forget to keep a lookout for our next exciting challenge.

To learn more about Xata, sign in and experiment, check out our docs, or join the conversation on Discord and X / Twitter.

At Xata, we are aflutter with pride and gratitude for every single participant. Your inventive efforts underline what we've always believed β€” our community is our strongest asset. Your dedication, zest, and ingenuity reaffirm our mission.

Here's to more creativity, coding, and community camaraderie! Keep making waves, and remember, we're here cheering you on.

Until our next adventure together... πŸš€

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Free plan includes
  • 10 database branches
  • High availability
  • 15 GB data storage
  • 15 GB search engine storage
  • 2 GB file attachments
  • 250 AI queries per month
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