The serverless database that gives you superpowers

Xata is a scalable, type-safe database with branches and a search-engine built right in. Powered by proven technologies such as PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch.

All your data needs behind a single API

Because every application needs data, and you shouldn’t have to be a DevOps expert to ship.

Relational database

Search engine

Vector database

Edge caching

Works with your stack

Xata is the last piece of the puzzle to modern web development workflows. This is the data counterpart you’ve been waiting for.

No Servers, No Ops, No Stress!

Best-in-class developer experience

The Xata TypeScript SDK brings type safety and auto-complete to your IDE. Manage your data without ever leaving your editor with our VSCode extension.

Use branches to iterate fast with confidence

Complete your deployment previews on Vercel and Netlify with Xata branches and merge into production with zero-downtime migrations.

Powerful search made easy

Data is automatically replicated to Elasticsearch so you can add advanced search capabilities to your product with turn-key relevancy boosters.

A scalable database that’s as simple as a spreadsheet

Harness the power of a scalable relational database through a familiar spreadsheet experience

And there's more. A lot more.

Schema editor
Rich data types
Advanced queries
Zero-downtime migrations
Data importers
One-click code snippets
SDK playground
ACID transactions
Edge functions

Loved by builders

When I started Vercel and Next.js, I dreamt of a data layer that’d be friendly for devs and non-devs alike. It’s finally here: Xata delivers on a great developer experience and a gorgeous admin UX.
Guillermo Rauch profile picture

Guillermo RauchFounder & CEO, Vercel

xata is mind blowing 🤯
Zeno Rocha twitter avatar

Zeno Rocha@zenorocha

I’m working on some demos for AssemblyLift and for one of them I thought I’d try out the @xata beta. SO slick — it’s everything I always personally wanted DynamoDB to be basically. Nice common-sense API was easy to work with from as well 👌🏻
@dotxlem twitter avatar

Dan Cook@dotxlem

Xata is a critical step forward in the evolution of Cloud databases services; it is a serverless database that integrates analytics and free-text search. As a result, Xata makes a wide range of applications really easy to build.
Neha Narkhede profile picture

Neha NarkhedeCo-Founder, Confluent

Just got some pretty sweet beta access to @xata! Looking forward to testing things out. From the intro videos it looks sort of comparable to working with Prisma+Planetscale except that it seems remarkably fast, which will be a breath of fresh air if it that's the case.
@copleykj twitter avatar

Kelly Copley@copleykj

I switched to using @xata exclusively lately and forgot how it is to live without a type safe data layer. Xata does it out of the box but I can clearly see where TRPC would be useful for cases like prisma or supabase!
@GuiBibeau twitter avatar

Gui Bibeau@GuiBibeau

Thank you! Fuzzy search is the best 🤩
@raae twitter avatar

Benedicte (Queen) Raae 👑@raae

Is this a spreadsheet? Is it a database? Or is it what you’ve been looking for? A first look @xata
@james_r_perkins twitter avatar

James Perkins@james_r_perkins

Been playing around with @xata after watching a Next.js conference talk by @TejasKumar_. It seems exactly like what I've wanted from a database for someone who's front-end focused. Simple/minimal, fast, and straightforward docs. Is it a SQL database under the hood?
@scotty529 twitter avatar

Scott Schindler@scotty529

Grow with Xata

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