All the features you need for your data

Relational database

Like a spreadsheet

Working with data at scale is fun, and your database should be too. Xata feels like a spreadsheet and makes data accessible to every builder on your team.

Spreadsheet UI
Rich data types

Rich data types provide a much more user friendly experience for interacting with your data. URLs, dates and images (coming soon) are just some of the many rich data types Xata provides.

Rich data types
Linked tables

Optimize for speed and storage by creating linked relationships between tables. You can represent 1:N and N:M relations between tables simply by adding a link type column.

Linked tables
Visual schema editor

Xata can be expressed as code in JSON but also viewable and modifiable through a visual schema editor in the Xata Web UI.

visual schema editor
Instant database

Forget provisioning times measured in minutes. Creating database and branches takes only a few moments in Xata.

ACID transactions

By default, operations in Xata are strongly consistent. You can also group multiple operations in a single ACID transaction.

Branches & migrations


Similar to git, you can branch your database - allowing teams to build fast while maintaining safety.

Zero-downtime migrations

Create migration requests like in GitHub. When a branch is merged, Xata applies the migration with zero-downtime guarantees.

Developer experience

Software Development Kit

The best way to build with Xata is with our TypeScript or Python SDK. With type-safety built right in, adding data to your app has never been more simple.

Software Development Kit
Command Line Interface

A full-featured CLI enables developers to build applications at a rapid pace with as little friction as possible.

Powerful search

Free text search

Create fast, relevant and powerful free text search experiences through a simple interface, and copy the code snippet for your application.

Free text search

Fine tune your search relevancy to return exactly what you want with column, date, exact value and numeric boosters.

Fuzzy search

Not every search is perfect. Fuzziness and prefix search settings account for human error.

Fuzzy search

Vector Database

Generative search

Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, provide meaningful answers to questions on your data in real time.

Similarity search

Vector embeddings unlock new search experiences such as recommendation engines.

Fast analytics

Metric aggregations

Create extremely performant analytics at scale. From unique counts to averages, slice and dice your data with near-real time aggregations.

Metric aggregations

Aggregation buckets for date and numeric histograms are available for timeseries analysis.

Top value

Easily determine what the most popular values are returned from non-numeric fields.

On the edge

Edge functions

You write TypeScript/JavaScript code, mark them as workers, and our transpiler automatically deploys them as edge functions.

Edge functions
Edge caching

With global edge caching, move your data closer to the your users to provide minimal latency.

Edge caching

Bring your data

Have you created an MVP using Airtable, Notion,or another No-Code tool? Are you ready to move to a database that is a better fit for application development, offering large scalability, ACID transactions, and constraints? Our automatic data migrators get you started in no time.


Grow with Xata

Get started in production with our generous free tier, and scale as you grow. We’ll be right there with you.