SDK Playground

To provide ideal, frictionless developer experience, the Xata web UI (User Interface) contains a playground for you to test and evaluate your queries using our SDK.

The Xata SDK Playground

To access the SDK playground, click the SDK Playground button in the sidebar. This will present you with a type-safe interface with a xata object that exposes the various SDK methods. To get more familiar with these methods, see the SDK's usage page.

Using Playground Queries

Once you've written a query you're happy with and would like to use it in your application, this is usually accomplished via copy/paste–provided your application is already set up to use the Xata SDK.

After pasting code from the playground, you'll only have to adjust your import of xata to point to the file generated by the Xata CLI (Command Line Interface). For more on code generation, see the Code Generation section of the CLI docs.

If your application isn't set up to use the Xata SDK, please see the SDK's getting started page to set it up.

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