Workspaces in Xata are like organizations in GitHub: they represent your team, company, or organization. They can contain multiple databases that can have multiple collaborators. All Xata users are part of at least one workspace and every database is part of a workspace.

Conceptually, users are like team members on a team (workspace) that can have many databases.

Creating a Workspace

Adding a Workspace

To create a workspace, click the "+ Add a Workspace" button. Upon entering a name, your new workspace will be created and ready to house new databases. To create a new database, refer to the Creating a Database section in our Getting Started guide.

Configuring a Workspace

Configuring a Workspace in Xata

Configuring a Workspace in Xata

Each workspace has a few configurable parameters. These are:

  • Name: The name of your workspace.
  • Workspace Domain: The domain at which this workspace's API is reachable, expressed as kebab case. Each workspace has its own, unique domain. Xata automatically attaches the ID of the workspace as a suffix to your choice to ensure uniqueness.
  • Danger Zone: Every workspace can be deleted permanently. This is non-reversible, so only click the button in here if you're absolutely certain you never want to see this workspace, its associated databases, and their data ever again.

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