Plan & API Limits

Xata applies some limits based on the plan level and the API endpoint in order to ensure reliable operation and scalability.

Below you fill find the current list of limits. Please note that these are subject to change, but we will ensure that the list is up to date with the latest state.

User limits

API keys per user40
Workspaces per user40

Schema limits

Databases per workspace40
Branches per database40
Tables per branch100

Column limits

Number of columns per table256
String column length256 chars
Text column size200 kb
Multiple type total size65536 chars

Record limits

Record size600 kb

Request limits

Request size20 mb
Bulk insert1000 records

Response limits

Page size200 records
Offset pagination size800 records

Custom plans can increase or remove some limits. To discuss upgrading, contact us by email or fill the Contact Form.

Last modified 18 days ago