Xata Challenge

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Have an idea for an app that’s been itching at you all year? Maybe you already bought the domain and have been sitting on it just waiting for the right time to build. Well, the holiday season is upon us and things are starting to wind down.

With the #XataChallenge you can turn that side project into a side hustle and win up to $500 for an app built on top of Xata. The best part? With our free tier you can easily take that prototype to production scale in the new year.


Excited? We are too! Here are the rules:
  • Xata engineers will vote to select the winners of the #XataChallenge
  • The top 3 entries will receive $500 each
  • The top 10 entries will receive limited-edition swag
  • All entries must be submitted by January 8, 2023
  • You are allowed to submit multiple entries, but only one app from you can be selected as a winner

The Challenge is over!

Follow us on twitter at @xata to see the winners announced and participate in future challenges.