June 15, 2022

WorkerConf 2022 Impressions

Tejas Kumar
Tejas KumarDirector of Developer Relations

Last week, Xata attended WorkerConf in Dornbirn, Austria where we presented a demo of our product. Here are our impressions.

A Mountain Town with Astonishing Views

The in-person conference was held in the Austrian alps, in a mountain town called Dornbirn. This town is possibly one of the most beautiful locations we've seen, with breakthaking vistas pretty much everywhere one can look. We arrived the day before the conference and had a hike with a few of the speakers and organizers. We were particularly moved by how eager they were to share their knowledge, experience, and culture around this town with us. It was very special indeed.

A Conference with Content that Delivers

The conference itself had an incredible range of topics. WorkerConf is a backend-oriented conference, with more of an emphasis on server-side concepts, and it definitely delivered. The day started with a very thought-provoking and vision-casting talk by Johannes Schickling, founder of Prisma, about local-first application architcture which highlighted an event-sourced, local-first application he is building called Overtone.

The talk highlighted problems with modern web applications, and proposed a solution that amplifies resilience, user agency, and a slew of other criteria vital to optimal developer and user experience.

The app was built with technologies we find particularly interesting. To name a few,

  • the Riffle query engine that enables building data-centric apps with a reactive relational database,
  • Effect, a functional effect system for TypeScript with a rich standard library that makes code terser and safer at the same time, and
  • Tauri, a modern toolkit that helps developers make applications for the major desktop platforms. Kind of like Electron, but implemented in Rust.

The day continued with talks from industry leaders like Lisi Linhart from Storyblok, whose presentation beautifully married technical leadership with technical implementation, talking about how they built a globally distributed headless CMS and all of the interpersonal, cultural, and technical challenges that they solved along the way.

Talk after talk, we were impressed and thankful for the content that was delivered, and the opportunities we had to connect with the community and discuss potential partnerships, collaborations, and integrations.

A Team of Organizers who Care

WorkerConf (and sister conference AgentConf) are organized by a small team of people who are passionate about community, interested to use technology and software to make the world a better place. This is essentially quoted verbatim out of the mouth of Guntram, one of the organizers. As part of caring for the community, WorkerConf had an "activity day" after the conference where we hung out and had breakfast together.

After breakfast, those who were physically able and interested, had the opportunity to partake in alpine sports like mountain biking or trike riding. This was incredibly fun. We had a few falls and accidents, as one would expect, but there were no serious injuries and we all went home feeling closer and better than ever before.


Ultimately, our feeling is that WorkerConf has accomplished all that it set out to do: celebrate Dornbirn, provide knowledge and a healthy exchange of ideas to developers, and form powerful connections. We are grateful for the opportunities afforded to us attending WorkerConf and we hope to see you in Dornbirn soon, either at AgentConf, or WorkerConf.


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Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar has been writing code since age 8 and today leads Xata's Developer Relations efforts, educating, equipping, and empowering developers around the world about industry-leading best practices.